Special Buffalo Wild Wings Menu


Jul 27, 2021
Buffalo Wild Wings Menu

Today I will tell you all the related information about a restaurant which is named Buffalo Wild Wings (Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck) which is also known as bww. It was established in 1982 at High Street in Columbus by Scott Lowery and Jim Disbrow.  Jim Disbrow was president of the Figure Skating Association of the USA from 1998 to 2000 also. Buffalo Wild Wings menu is known as bww menu and contains a lot of mouth-watering dishes such as Wings Bundles, Wings and Tenders, Lunch Combos, Appetizers, Burgers, Sandwiches, Wraps, Greens, Kids, Side and Extras, and Bottled Flavors. If we talk about sauces then, it is available in 355 ml bottles.

This sauce is used in BBQ, wings, roasted chicken, and different veggies also. The most useful nutrition dish is hand-breaded tenders available in different flavors. Moreover, it contains 1g of fat, 0g of saturated fat, 0g of carbohydrate, and 160 calories. 10 pm to 12 pm are the happy hours, besides it, you can get special deals at this time. Contains beer and drinks which also give you pleasure. There, you can also get a keto dining guide that will tell you what you order.

History of Buffalo Wild Wings

This restaurant was made in 1980 by Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery and Lowrey’s parents became not only Jim’s instructor but also his skating coaches. Once in his educational institute. He ate Buffalo-style chicken wings; it was too delicious for him. So, he decided to open his own restaurant where he will serve wings. Firstly, his decided location was Ohio State University in Columbus. Jim and Scott both found an additional partner, Mark Lutz within 6 months of opening. Secondly, they opened a second chain near Colorado. This was the same place where they used to skate also.

Headquarters Cincinnati

They opened a franchise in 1992 with Francorp but the fee of this franchise was $15,000 to 20,000. Wilsey made a sauce by using an Atlanta recipe for them which is the main sauce used in their restaurant for topping. Besides, they shifted the company’s main office to Cincinnati in 1992.  Furthermore, eight more locations were added in Ohio. Disbrow hired Sally Smith as a financial officer for their restaurant, she was working in her father-in-law’s business but, she had to move into the Disbrow business. Sally Smith had to deal with not only their revenue but also bank issues and had to solve all of them. she was unable to determine and the company got a loss of $1.6 million in 1995.

Death of Jim Disbrow

2002 is the date of the death of Disbrow, while Sally continued her work as CEO with Lowery as Vice president of Buffalo Wild Wings. In 2003, there were 211 locations in 27 states. The company spread its business in Canada in 2010 and in a very short time it also opened its chain in the United Arab Emirates and expanded business in Dubai in 2015. In March 2013, they also bought shares of a pizza company, PizzaRev. They also got shares of a stake company and changed its name to R Taco in the very next year. In 2017, different companies bought a chain of this restaurant for $2.4 billion, Moreover, they changed its name to Inspire Brand. In 2020, Buffalo declared a national partnership with the league of (LCS).

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu

Buffalo Wild Wings is not only famous for its chicken wings and it will be served to you with dozens of different sauces but also for its chicken tender and legs.  In this menu you can also find different delicious items such as Appetizers, Burgers, Tacos, salad, Desserts and many more other mouth-watering dishes. They are also famous for their Blazin Wings Challenge. In which you have to eat 12 pieces of hot wings in 6 minutes, in this way if you win then you will get a T shirt as a reward.  

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu

Following are the Buffalo Wild Wings Menu

  • Bundles
  • Wings and Strips
  • Lunch and Combos
  • Appetizers
  • Burgers
  • Sandwiches
  • Kids
  • Desserts
  • Wraps Side and Extras
  • Bottled Flavor
  • Drinks
  • Beer to Go
  • Party
  • Side Sauces

While this restaurant is popular for its traditional serving style, in which they also prepared a bar in the corner of this restaurant. Moreover, In a curved shape, they keep fifty media screens which provide you an atmosphere like a sports stadium.

Bundles of Wings and Strips

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu

Which includes all types of boneless strips and fries, in this offer you can get all types of sizes such as family bundle, 10 boneless including large size of fries, 10 traditional wings and fries, 20 boneless having Atlanta made sauce and fries, Blazin hot wings with chilli sauce and Hand-Breaded Chicken strips. These are all served with special sauce and fries in addition to add more flavour. This item is much spicy, especially for those who have a craze for eating spicy foods.

Traditional Wings$5.88
Boneless Wings$9.52
Traditional and Boneless Combo$13.86
Naked Tenders$9.09
Crispy Tenders$7.79

The traditional and boneless combo is not only served but also special sauce, fresh fries, and mayo. Hand-Breaded Chicken Strips is also known as Beer Battered Chicken Strips. Moreover, it can be eaten without dipping in a sauce, so you just eat them with normal fries. You can get this dish in a party size deal also. In party size, you will get two sauces, French fries, and extra spice also.


Buffalo Wild Wings Menu

Besides wings, Fast food is an important thing in Buffalo Wild Wings Menu. This restaurant also offers fast food to its customers including Classic Cheeseburger, this burger is a combination of hand smashed boneless chicken, including fully mashed cheese, tomato, mustard plant, mayo, black pepper, salt and these all ingredients are covered by a Challah Bun and it will be served to you with a cold drink and French fries. Smoked Brisket Burger is made with double patty hand smashed cheese and Furthermore, smoky Adobo, honey BBQ, mixed with grilled onions, Bacon Aioli and they are all covered by a challan bun. It will provide you with French fries also.

Food ItemsPrice
Classic Cheese Burger$9.78
Avocado Bacon Burger$9.52
South western Black Bean Burger$8.66
Smoked Brisket burger$8.48

Avocado Bacon Burger is available in different flavours moreover, it filled with Cheddar Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Avocado Bacon, Shredded Lettuce, Bacon Aioli and covered with half-baked buns. Southwestern Black Bean Burger recipe is a recipe of the southwestern chef in addition to adding more food items. Moreover, This burger is full of Cheddar Cheese, Black bean patty, Avocado, pickles, southwestern Ranch and use challan bun to cover them all.


Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich is a grilled chicken made with cheese, Bacon, Avocado, Shredded lettuce, Tomato, Bacon Aioli also and covered with Challah Bun. Buffalo Ranch Chicken sandwich is a combination of Hand-Breaded Chicken, Beer Battered, Medium Buffalo Sauce, Ranch, Shredded Iceberg, Tomato and these ingredients are covered by a challah bun and it will be displayed for you with French fries also.

Food ItemsPrice
Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich$9.35
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich$7.62
Southern Chicken Sandwich$8.47
Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich$9.50

Besides Chicken Burger, Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich has chicken breast with hot sauce. In addition to Extra topping of Jalapenos, pickles, ranch and cover them with the help of Challah Bun. Then, it will be served with special sauce and French fries. In the same way, Smoked Brisket Sandwich is full of smoky adobo, honey BBQ, slaw, grilled onions pickles and challah bun is used to cover them all. So, this sandwich is served with French fries and a cold drink.



In the Buffalo Wild Wings Menu, Classic Chicken Wrap is filled with Chicken Strips and uses a little amount of sauce then topping of Cheddar cheese with shred iceberg lettuce. It finishes with a filling of tomato, flour tortilla and salsa also. Furthermore, Buffalo Ranch Chicken Wrap is made up of different sauces, Ranch, lettuce, Jack Cheese, Chicken Strips and wrap with a flour tortilla.

Food ItemsPrice
Classic Chicken Wrap$8.05
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Wrap$8.66
Grilled Chicken Buffalitos$7.79
Brisket Street Tacos$7.79

Grilled Chicken Buffalo, in addition to this grilled chicken, buffalo sauce, cheddar cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce, crema, tortilla chips and salsa are used. The special thing about this is that you will not only get an extra dip sauce but also fries. Brisket Street Tacos are made with the help of smoked pulled chicken, grilled onions, avocado, grated cheese thus, at the end it will be covered by flour of tortilla.

Sides and Extras

In Buffalo Wild Wings Menu, there are many different food items for instance Poutine, French Fries, Potato Wedges, Beer Battered Onion Rings, Caesar Side Salad, Slaw, Ranch and Bleu Cheese. If we talk about their recipe then Caesar Salad is made up of Romaine Lettuce, Bacon, Caesar Dressing, Grated Parmesan Cheese and Croutons. Poutine recipes are Natural Cut Fries, Gravy, Green Onions and Cheese Curds also.

Food ItemsPrice
French Fries$3.20
Potato Wedges$3.28
Beer-Battered Onion Rings$4.60
Caesar Side Salad$3.50

Potato Wedges have not only thick potato wedges, sour cream but also chive seasoning. House Sampler is a combination of ultimate Nachos with chicken, beer-battered onion rings, boneless, Mozzarella sticks, topping of sauce, salsa, southwestern ranch and dressing of Bleu Cheese and Pretzel knots ingredients are honey mustard, hatch queso, boneless and pretzel knots also.



Soft drink bottles are available in this restaurant such as Sparkling Water, Pepsi 4 Pack, Diet Pepsi, DR Pepper 4 Pack, Mug Root Beer, Brisk Iced Tea 4 Pack and Simple Water Bottle.

Drink ItemsPrice
Bud Light$3.25
Miller Genuine Draft$4.00
Bottle Water$2.75
Bubly Sparkling$2.50
Mug Root Beer$3.18

Here you can get beer as well, several flavors are available for instance Bud light, Budweiser, Molson Canadian, Bud Light Lime, Dos Equis, Heineken, Michelob Ultra, Miller Genuine, Smirnoff Vodka Soda And many more other drinks.

Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces


In this paragraph, we will discuss Bww Sauces in order to grab all the related sauces on buffalo wild wings sauces. Although, in which I will tell you all the sauces and their recipes. Some of the following are the sauces of Buffalo Wild Wings.

  • Buffalo Seasoning:

In the Buffalo Wild Wings menu, you can see that Buffalo Seasoning is a sauce, moreover, it combines soothing buttery flavour and classic heat. In addition to its description, it is not a sauce rather it’s a dry rub which doesn’t make it buttery. But when it becomes on heat then it will be flavouring.

  • Blazin Sauce:

If you say that this sauce is the spiciest then, you are right. It does not have any flavor and does not please you in any way, however Blazin Sauce is the combination of heated ghost pepper. If you don’t try ghost pepper ever then you are absolutely right because it is not good for the stomach and heart too.

  • Teriyaki Sauce:

Buffalo Wild Wings claims that its take on teriyaki sauce is “savoury and full-bodied,” but it is definitely simply a mix-up soy sauce. This sauce is on a sweet taste, a single serving contains 24 grams of sugar and this one has not to heat also.

  • Hot BBQ sauce:

The Hot BBQ sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings is not only delicious but also amazing made. But, It’s now not so hot that it’ll prefer you not be able to taste something else. This sauce often tastes like a person just poured warm sauce and liquid smoke over a few chicken wings, which is great in addition to give extra flavour.

  • Desert Heat sauce:

A sauce of Buffalo Wild Wings, Desert Heat is mostly smokey, sweet, and chilli-infused, however, it’s truly just seasoning salt mixing on the salt. So, If you select your wings dry-rubbed, this isn’t always a horrible choice.

Buffalo Wild Wings Nutrition Facts and Buffalo Wild Wings Calories Information:

Besides, there are some bad options on the buffalo wild wings nutrition menu. Thus, those that had been selected for our least healthy options are maximum in energy, fat, and sodium. They are following as:

Menu ItemCaloriesFatSodium
Buffalo mac and cheese137085 g4770 mg
Traditional wings, large, spicy garlic146086 g3540 mg
Chicken Caesar salad67042 g3290 mg
Boneless wings, large, Thai curry2040133 g7050 mg
Boneless wings, large, hot161088 g6960 mg

This is just a sample of the fat, calories, and sodium in a few of the menu food items also You can read more deeply in this post buffalo wild wings calories. These are items that have more than two or 3 substances the quantity of sodium suggestion every day, and a high wide variety of calories and fats. Moreover, the buffalo wild wings menu contains healthy food items and unhealthy food items too, so it depends on you that you either eat healthy or unhealthy ones. But you can’t say that the Buffalo Wild Wings Menu contains only unhealthy foods which provide you fats, sodium, and many other harmful substances.

Buffalo Wild Wings Hours

Basically, from Monday to Saturday, its operating hours are 15. Similarly, they remain to open their services Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 2 am. In which you can grab your breakfast as well as dinner. You also get lunch with their special deals in which you can get a drink full of free by ordering more than $30. Likewise, on Sunday their service timing is about 11 am to midnight. Buffalo wild wings hours might be changed by their location such as if they are providing services in a cold area then it might be possible that you have to order earlier or vice versa.

Buffalo Wild Wings Happy Hour

Buffalo Wild Wings Happy Hour or bww hours starts from every Monday to Friday afternoon 2 PM to 7 PM and in order to get an order in these hours are literally difficult. So, on the $3 food menu, you can get Mozzarella Sticks, Onions Rings, Cheeseburger Slammers with Fries, Mini Corn Dogs, Roast garlic Mushrooms, Basket of Fries, Chili con Queso dip and Caesar or Side Salad. If we talk about the $3 drinks Menu then you are able to grab your favourite drinks such as well drinks, Shots of Capt Morg, jack, Margaritas, Lemon drop and Cosmo. At the dinner time, you may also get happy hours deals from 10 pm to 12 pm. So, there are 7 hours of happy deals in which you can get money off food and beer drinks.

Buffalo Wild Wings Drink Menu

Buffalo Wild Wings Drink Menu can also be equally important as it Buffalo Wild Wings Menu so, in drinks, you are able to get water, beer, margaritas, cola and Pepsi. Furthermore, if we talk about the 10 best drinks then they could be:

  • Primo Margarita
  • Apple Martini
  • Strawberry Kick Coronarita
  • Black Cherry Mojito
  • Jack and Coke
  • Top-Shelf Long Island Iced Tea
  • Jack Black Raspberry Lemonade
  • Hurricane
  • Wild Blood Marry

This drinks menu also provides you non-alcoholic items such as Iced Tea, Coffee, Tea, Limeades and lemonades. You can say in other words, there is a complete collection of drinks which is suitable for every single customer.

Buffalo Wild Wings Keto

Traditional Chicken wings which are also not boneless are the amazing keto item in Buffalo Wild Wings Menu, which has a comparison between chicken breast and darker chicken. In order you select one item among all of them, then it is difficult to say what is the best food item in Buffalo Wild Wings Keto Menu.

  • Blazin Wings with Hot BBQ Sauce is the same as taking 456 calories at once.
  • Wings having Parmesan Garlic Sauce is equal to 540 calories in the same way.
  • Besides Blazin wings, Garlic Traditional Wings plus Hot sauce 480 calories and fats too in a 1.5 net carbs.

The above food items are awesome keto Buffalo Wild Wings orders but, be aware of eating something which doesn’t suit you. Although, you have to try some items from the Special buffalo Wild Wings menu.

Bww Specials Deals

When Bww Specials words are used before a food industry name then it becomes a brand. Sometimes these are expensive but also, they are at a discount, if you want to order something special from the Buffalo Wild Wings menu then, you should order Traditional Boneless Wings with a beverage and an extra dip sauce. Some are the special food items are following as:

  • All American CheeseBurger in a budget of just $20.
  • Buffalo Ranch Chicken Wrap In just $10.
  • Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich by $10.

Some are the Other Alternatives Food Restaurants in New York

There are a lot of restaurants which always rely on your taste and never disappoint you also. In the same way, New York City has thousands of restaurants, every restaurant is famous for its delicious taste. But Some of them are famous for their sitting places and the rest of them are too good in customers’ dealings. So, keeping all the facts in mind it is difficult to select the top restaurant in New York City. But giving the best to our readers is our duty. Following are the top restaurants:

  • Katz’s Delicatessen:

This restaurant is famous for its Classic Sandwiches which has been serving since 1888 and it is one of the most famous restaurants in New York City. Besides Classy Sandwich, they have a big tasty menu for its customers. Pastrami is the main reason behind the success of this restaurant because this tasty dish is made with an equal ratio of meat, black pepper and secret spices. besides this, it’s all that you would like in pastrami. So, It is situated at 205 E Houston St and its working hours are 12 – 14 on a normal day. Furthermore, this restaurant is very expensive, like $20 for a sandwich. So, I guarantee you that you will forget about your money after eating a sandwich.

  • Di Fara Pizza:

If you are searching for a restaurant in New York City then the first that comes to mind is pizza. Not eating pizza while living in New York City is the same as having gold and searching for silver. In New York, there are hundreds of pizza shops such as Lombardi’s that have good taste of pizza and Grimaldi’s which is popular for its coal brick oven pizza. But if someone asked about the best pizza shop then I answer that you just need to go to Di Fara Pizza in New York City. This pizza restaurant was made by a small family who used to make a pizza at home after that their pizza recipe got popularity in New York and they decided to build an outlet.

They are famous for their recipe and ingredients such as tomatoes and cheese and all come directly from Italy. It takes 15 minutes for a pizza to be made, it is difficult to explain in words how tasty it is. Moreover, Its address is Brooklyn 1424 Avenue j, NY 11230, America and its working hours are about 6 hours on a normal day (closed on Monday). Therefore, this pizza restaurant is very expensive like you have to pay $31 for a full-size pizza and $5 per slice. They also allow you to get pizza by online order and it will take 45 minutes per delivery.

  • Shake Shack:

If someone asked about the best burger in New York City might be possible that you have listened to Wowing Burger Fanatics but now Shake Shack is leading all burger creators.

Menu of Shake Shack

  • Burgers
  • Hot Dogs
  • Shakes
  • Fries

More about Shake Shack recipe:

  • Burger Meat:

The beef is a mixture of short ribs, brisket also (which is never frozen and always fresh).

  • Bun:

It’s a potato roll which is quite soft and baked in butter also.

  • Cheese:

This is the only thing that you do not need to worry about. so, It is Mozzarella Cheese and it is very sticky which increases the joy of eating.

It is located at E.23rd St and Madison Ave, and its working hours are about 12 hours daily. Therefore, Its prices are average like you have to pay just $8.09 and $2.99 for regular fries.

Difference between Buffalo Wild Wings Sauce & Buffalo Wild Wings Flavors:

If we look at Buffalo Wild Wings Menu, Buffalo sauce is used in different food items such as Traditional Boneless Wings, Blazin Hot Wings, Hand-Breaded Chicken Strips, and many more others. The sauce is prepared by different recipes, some are not only spicy but also sweet taste and honey sauce. While a bww flavours mean buffalo wild wings flavors are used in salty, vinegar, hot garlic, wild and many more others.

How much is 10 wings at bww?

If you want to eat something which is mouthwatering then, boneless wings are the first thing you should try. It is the combination of all white juicy chicken, lightly breaded, a spoon of dry seasoning and natural-cut French fries also. Therefore, You can grab this tasty item by just giving $10.

What day is 60 cent wings at buffalo wild wings?

On Thursday, in the same way, you are able to get boneless wings just for 60 cents. This is because Thursday is considered as a white day for them and brings happiness in life, so they offer 10 wings in such a very low space. Moreover, the price of this food item is depending on the location.

What day does buffalo wild wings have deals?

On Buffalo Wild Wings menu, On Tuesday, they offer traditional wings at half of their original price in addition get more orders. Furthermore, it is not available in delivery and Thursday is the special boneless day in which you can get 10 boneless wings for just 60 cents. On Wednesday they offer a French fry for just 30 cents which is very beneficial for kids who used to eat fries in party size also. Monday is the starting day of the week so; they reveal their new party deals in which you can not only get party-sized wings and French fries but also at a very low price.

How much are 50 wings at buffalo wild wings?

In the Buffalo Wild Wings menu, you can see different sizes of traditional boneless wings are available for not only dining but also for takeaway. If you want to order 50 wings then, it could be available for $53.49. in addition to getting more boneless wings then you have to pay more. Such as 100 traditional wings are available at $96.26. This offer is also called 6 people serving and you have to order for all of your family then you should order 150 traditional wild wings for $143.99.

What are the prices at buffalo wild wings?

 In Buffalo Wild wings menu: following are just some examples of this menu with prices.

Side and Extras:

Food ItemsPrice
French Fries$3.20
Potato Wedges$3.28
Beer-Battered Onion Rings$4.60
Caesar Side Salad$3.50

Bundles of Wings and Strips:

Traditional Wings$5.88
Boneless Wings$9.52
Traditional and Boneless Combo$13.86
Naked Tenders$9.09
Crispy Tenders$7.79

Drinks and Beers:

Drink ItemsPrice
Bud Light$3.25
Miller Genuine Draft$4.00
Bottle Water$2.75
Bubly Sparkling$2.50
Mug Root Beer$3.18