How to Check TU Result with Marksheet by SMS

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How to Check TU Result with Marksheet by SMS: You can use SMS today to compare your mark sheet with the Tribhuvan University (TU) results. One of many ways technology has simplified our lives.

This article will show you how to swiftly and easily obtain your homework by texting a number in the modern age of immediate information. Finding the secret to quickly and easily obtaining TU results has made the process easier than before.

Join us to see how technology and open access may transform education tracking and evaluation in the future. Stay here and read the complete article about how to check TU result by SMS in detail.

How to check TU result with Marksheet by SMS

How to check TU result with Marksheet by SMS
how to see tu result by sms

Tribhuvan University (TU) is one of the biggest and highest-ranking institutions in Nepal. Technology at TU allows students to get their mark sheets and grades via text message. This was out of the question before. Checking your TU mark sheet using a mark sheet and text is covered in this article.

Why Check TU Result with Marksheet by SMS?

In the past, there would be a long line of students waiting to get their exam scores. Technology at TU speeds up the grading process so that students can get their results when they need them. Getting your TU grade by text message offers several advantages, such as:

No matter where you are, at home or on the go, you can access your results.

There is no need to check in with a registrar or go to a website; your grades will be sent to you as soon as they are completed.

Because the information is sent straight to your phone, your privacy will not be affected. When compared to paper grade sheets, SMS verification significantly decreases the possibility of inaccuracy.

To get a text message with your TU grade, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Get your mobile device ready

You should check your phone’s battery and balance before sending an SMS. Before you get started, be sure your internet connection is stable.

  1. Send an SMS message

Open the texting app on your mobile device and start typing a new message. The message body is open for programming.

The following factors will determine final exam grades:

Enter TUspace>yourSymbolNumber> in the search bar.

To the person whose sign number is “12345678,” a text message may read:

TU 12345678

  1. Send the SMS

To contact the official TU result publication number, use the symbol supplied. Before sending an SMS, make sure you’ve entered the right symbol number.

  1. Wait for the Result

In a few minutes, you will get a text message with your TU exam grades and results. You’ll receive a text message with your test results and other achievements.

  1. Save or Print Your Marksheet

You may either write down or store the SMS on your phone. This record might be useful when applying to schools or for jobs.

How to check TU result with marksheet by SMS Online

How to check TU result with marksheet by Online

To see your TU grade report, complete these steps:

  1. Start at the TU homepage

Open your browser and visit the TU website to get started. Information is available at

  1. Navigate to the Examination Section

Continue on the TU website by selecting “Examinations.”. This is usually available through a tab at the top of the page or a link.

  1. Select a test and class

After clicking on the Examination page, choose the exam type and course (Bachelor’s, Master’s, etc.) from the drop-down menu to see your test results.

  1. Enter Your Symbol Number

Please enter your test ID in the “Test ID” box. Check the figure again for mistakes.

  1. Submit the form

After entering your sign number, click “Submit” or “View Result.” If you do this, you may start getting replies.

  1. View and Download Your Mark Sheet

Your calculation issue will be solved on screen. Your PDF grade report may be viewed online or downloaded. Please keep it for future use.

  1. Take a Printout

For hard copies, you may print your grade record in PDF format.

Useful Tips and Data

  • Remember your sign number. You need it to see search results online.
  • To check your results immediately, make sure you have a quick and simple internet connection.
  • Keeping grades is advised. It’s an official document you may require.
  • Please contact the relevant TU section for help with technical issues or test results.


Q. What should I do if I encounter any issues or errors while checking results via SMS?

Ans. Call the official Technical University support telephone number for help with any difficulties.

Q. Can I obtain a physical copy of my marksheet after checking the result via SMS?

Ans. A digital gradebook may usually be obtained by SMS. Contact TU or the proper authorities for help acquiring a hard copy.

Q. Is it secure to check results via SMS, and what about data privacy?

Ans. Communicating with someone should be legal and proper. Generally, sending an authorized SMS is safe. TU and your cell phone provider should have privacy policies.

Q. Is there an alternative method to check TU results with a marksheet?

Ans. Yes, you can check your results on the TU website or via SMS to get printed mark sheets.


In conclusion, checking TU results with a marksheet via SMS shows how technology has made education easier to understand. The purpose is to show how technology has made education more affordable. College degrees’ flexibility shows how quickly education is changing. This method works and shows how creativity and knowledge can create something new.

The information you’ve gained from this course should help you track your academic progress. Apply your knowledge. Continue doing well in school by using text message grades for ease of use, fast recovery, and speed.

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